Prof. Dr. med. Inara Logina about PainFree Leggings

Prof. Dr. med. Inara Logina about PainFree Leggings

Prof. Dr. med. Inara Logina

  • Member of Europaen Federation of IASP Chapters
  • Member of International Association for Study of Pain
  • An associated  professor of the Riga Stradini University Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology
  • Vice chairmen of Latvian Assiciation for Study of Pain
  • Neurologist and algoligist (pain specialist) at Pain department of Pauls Stradins Clinical university hospital

About PainFree Leggings

Joint diseases are a common pathology, the prevalence of which in the population increases with age. The WHO has reported that 9.6% of men and 18.0% of women have degenerative osteoarthritis ( The “Study of Habits Affecting the Health of the Latvian Population in 2020” conducted by the SPKC found that 30.3% of respondents showed joint pain during the last month.

The Osteoarthritis Care Guidelines emphasize the importance of a patient self-care strategy that encompasses many non-pharmacological prevention and treatment options. One of such additional method is thermotherapy - local cold in the acute period and warmth in the later stages and chronic stage.

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common localizations of degenerative changes. Providing constant warmth through techniques such as an external bandage, fixative, or other means and that does not interfere with movement activities is not an easy task on a daily basis and for a long time or permanently.

PainFree Leggings - tight-fitting leggings with built-in heating material for the knee area, provides constant heat for this area. Leggings do not restrict movement, sitting, walking, squatting. Although the leggings are not intended for fixing the knee area, there is still a preventive effect.

Appropriate size of the leggings and proper care of the synthetic material are important for them to retain their function and effects for a long time.